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Go paperless to streamline your office operations, improve decision support and reduce operating costs through greater efficiencies.

Be EMR ready. Get a head start by scanning documentation ahead of time.

+ Anywhere, anytime access to your records and improve customer service.
+ Reduce physical storage space or the cost of storing documents off-site.
+ Compatibility with various electronic formats.
+ Document security and integrity.
+ Compliance with audit trails.

Make documents more accessible and boost productivity. Improve your customer service with quick access to information. Choose Medical INK for all of your document management needs.

FREE EHR/EMR interfaces

According to a survey conducted by the New England Journal of Medicine only 4% of respondents have a fully functional EMR (with order-entry and clinical decision support capabilities) and 13% have a basic system. Most studies show that even after implementation there is a high rate of failure.

Usability tops the list of reasons clinicians EHR resist adoption.

Medical INK has a simple solution to EMR usability issues. Just dictate the way you always have with the results delivered directly into your EMR/EHR. Let us reduce the time you spend documenting patient encounters, consults and assessments. Gain more time and intimacy for quality patient care, leaving the clerical work for Medical INK’s trained EMR transcriptionists and reduce your costs at the same time!

Medical INK
+ Allows physicians to use their preferred method of clinical documentation.
+ Reduces time spent documenting encounters.
+ Ensures better patient care by allowing a clinician to practice using their natural method of working.
+ Increases accuracy with a proven dictation-transcription process by allowing Medical Transcriptionists to be a “second set of eyes.”


Medical INK has partnered with M*Modal to offer comprehensive Speech Recognition capabilities. Their advanced back end speech understanding technology transforms our transcriptionists into Medical Language Specialists (MLS).

+ Populates EMR/EHR systems with clinical information delivered in a standards-based, encoded electronic format driving physician utilization of EHR.
+ By simplifying the process, M*Modal produces more accurate, complete, and timely medical documents.