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Our Mission

"To Continually Provide Outstanding National Transcription
Services At Competitive Rates To Each New Client We Acquire."

Our Philosophy

"Quality and Accuracy Create Solid Relationships."

Medical INK is your total solution. We work on your time table. We provide your office with the simplicity of electronically uploading any type of audio or voice file, securely and directly to Medical INK servers via the Internet, and electronically downloading the finished product directly to your office computer, printer, fax or into your EMR!

Medical INK is completely Internet based, using state-of-the-art equipment and redundant back-up systems to ensure the safe, secure and expedient transcription and return of your medical records.

Pick up the telephone and begin dictating via our toll free 800 number or use your hand held digital recorder! Any time that is convenient for you, we are there!

And now you can save money using voice recognition! Medical INK has experience with the eScription platform, multiple transcription platforms, Dictaphone's iChart, and Dragon Dictate. Let us help you save even more!

Let Medical INK save you money!

There are many ways to view the wise and economical decision to put Medical INK to work for you. Are you paying for a full or part time Transcriptionist in your office? If so, let us first stress that we are not suggesting you eliminate that person from your payroll. Rather, we recommend redefining their job description.

Medical INK
's professional transcription services cost only pennies per line! There are many other job activities your in-house Transcriptionist can perform which are more suited to the efficient operation of your office.

Transform Your Transcriptionists Office Space Into a Profit Center
1. Add an Income Producing Exam Room
2. Focus on Billing & Collections
3. Resolve Insurance Issues

Employing Medical INK is Simple
1. No Workers Compensation
2. No FICA Taxes
3. No Federal Taxes
4. No State Taxes
5. No Set Up Fee
6. No Minimums (Use Medical INK as much or as little as you need)
7. No EMR interface fees!

Reduce Overhead
1. No Coffee breaks
2. No Sick Pay
3. No Vacation Pay
4. No Supervision

In addition, most new clients do realize a financial benefit by using Medical INK compared to their current line rate. By combining our analysis of your present system with the efficient use of templates, and our state of-the-art HIPAA compliant Internet based Web ASP, Medical INK may be able to save you even more!

Give us a call!