Individual Physicians

single DoctorMultiple dictation options available to suit a variety of work environments while providing accurate, confidential and on-time results. readmore

Group Practices

group2Enterprise level transcription without the cost and maintenance of an internal information system. readmore

Hospitals + Clinics

Hospital Easily support the transcription demands of hundreds of physicians while minimizing costs and maintaining accuracy and TAT.  Multiple platform experience. readmore



Medical INK now offers Mobile Dictation for Clinical Documentation

Medical INK now offers Mobile Dictation! Mobile Dictation allows dictation capture at or near the point of care using smart phone devices such as the iPhone, iPad or android phones. Dictation is captured locally and then sent securely to our transcription platform for production, offering portability, security and convenience over traditional dictation systems.

Now you can view your appointments, scheduling information AND review and approve completed transcription all on the go using a visual reference to enhance patient safety and the overall user experience.

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